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I’ve been telling stories for as long as I can remember. Matchbox cars, Barbie dolls, even rocks,  got names, personalities and dramatic story lines that could have landed me a job as a soap opera writer at a young age.

For about twenty years, I've made my living as a writer in the world of children's books, fiction, feature articles and as a communications professional in higher education. You name it, I've written it! Speeches, talking points, press releases, blogs posts, copy writing, web page content, and so much more.

My background in writing for children allows me to break down any content to make it engaging, understandable, and, when possible, fun.


In addition, I am a certified spiritual director through Oasis Ministries for Spiritual Development, training that has given me deep listening skills and a profession where I can use my natural empathy and intuition to help guide others on their spiritual journeys. I'm blessed to be married to the love of my life and the proud mother of a beautiful daughter, two adorable,  spoiled rotten dogs, one cranky cat, one scaredy cat, and a sassy kitten.

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